Only 19.4% Pursue PhD After Completing Postgraduation In Science

New Delhi: 19.4% of the Science students continue their education by enrolling in Ph.D. courses, after they complete the Masters’ degree. The Ph.D. enthusiasm among Science students is one of the least in the country. Medical Science and Social Science subjects witness even lesser participation. Only 15.5% of the Medical Science students and 6.1% of the Social Science students opt for Ph.D. after their postgraduation, as per the recent All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), which was released on September 21.

The AISHE report gives an exact account of the student enrolment in the country in all colleges and universities at different levels– Ph.D., M.Phil., Post Graduate, Under Graduate, PG Diploma, Diploma, Certificate and Integrated.

In Agriculture and Allied courses 52.9% of the students opt for Ph.D. after their post-graduation followed by Engineering and Technology courses where 56.5% of the postgraduate students opt for Ph.D.
The report says in 2018-2019, a total of 44702 science students had enrolled for Ph.D., and the highest enrolment was in Chemistry subject, followed by Physics and Mathematics. Botany has 2487 students, Zoology has 2379 students, and BioScience has 1952 students enrolled for Ph.D.

Highlighting the PhD enrolment in the country in 2018-2019, the report says 1,69,170 students are enrolled in Ph.D. which is less than 0.5% of the total student enrolment. There are 3,880 students enrolled in Integrated Ph.D.

A total of 40,813 students were awarded Ph.D. level degree during 2018 out of which 23,765 were males and 17,048 were female candidates, the report says.

PhD entrants prefer State Public University than deemed university and other state private universities. As per the AISHE report, the share of Ph.D. student is highest in State Public University (34.3%) followed by Institute of National Importance (21.6%), Deemed University-Private (21.6%) and State Private University (13.4%).

Sonu Gulfam
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