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The ultra high-end Galaxy S10 version that popped up in rumors might’ve just been confirmed

Samsung is widely expected to launch three main Galaxy S10 phones next year, including a “Lite” version, a main Galaxy S10, and a Galaxy S10+ phablet.

On top of those models, however, we’ve heard rumblings of an ultra high-end model for select countries that will work with the next-gen 5G networks set to go live next year.

Now, a new report reveals the purported model number for this fourth Galaxy S10 version, which previous rumors said it’s going to be even more spectacular than the Galaxy S10+.

The cheapest Galaxy S10 version, the Galaxy S10 Lite, is rumored to have the model number SM-G973, with the regular Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ getting similar codenames — that’s SM-G970 and SM-G975, respectively.

New information from GalaxyClub reveals that SM-G977 may be the 5G ready version of the Galaxy S10. The Samsung blog also discovered two different variations of the handset, including the SM-G977U for North America and the SM-G977N for Korea.

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The US and Korea will be among the first countries in the world to offer 5G connectivity to users next year, and Samsung is already expected to launch 5G phones in both markets. In the US, AT&T and Verizon already confirmed they’ll have a 5G Samsung phone in stores next year, though they haven’t yet disclosed any details about these devices. Samsung, meanwhile, demoed a 5G phone prototype a few days ago.

Previous reports said that the 5G Galaxy S10 phone wouldn’t be just a Galaxy S10+ version with 5G support. Instead, the phone should have an even 6.7-inch bigger screen, as well as other distinctive features. The handset might also have an extra camera on the back compared to the Plus model, which is expected to feature a triple-lens rear shooter.

That said, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of these product model numbers or their association with the Galaxy S10 series. The phones should be unveiled on February 20th, a report said earlier this week, and they might go on sale online on the very same day. Meanwhile, the 5G version is rumored to launch sometime in the second quarter of the year.

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