One Plus 5 weather app is now available to all

by: house4blog |New Delhi|

As all are very familiar to oneplus 5 which is beey famous phone from oneplus. Infact all the phones of oneplus are famous. Oneplus 5 comes in two varient, the base varient come woth 6GB of RAM with 64 GB of interal storage and priced at ₹32,999 while the other varient which comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB of internal storage. Both the varient has dual camera setup at the back which take the snaps very beautiful and both the varient has latest chipset from Snapdragon,i.e., Snapdragon 835.

In an effort to speed up updates and make things easier for users, OnePlus has listed its weather app on the Play Store. It’s a very simple app that just sticks to the basics for the most part.
The app shows you the current weather along with dynamic animations, offers weather alerts, and supports multiple cities. You can also check out the forecast for the next six days, which is a bit limited when compared with some of the other apps. You can’t see hourly forecasts and other important data including wind speed and humidity. However, the data that it does display is quite accurate, as it’s being provided by AccuWeather.
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The app is already available on the Play Store and is, of course, free of charge. Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with OnePlus devices. Those of you interested can get it via the button below.

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