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Jio set top box photo leaked: Jio Smart Hybrid Set Top Box to reportedly stream both OTT content and cable TV

During the Annual general meeting (AGM) held by Reliance Industries earlier this month, Mukesh Ambani had talked about the date of the launch of the Jio Fiber which is touted to be September 5. He also talked about the prices which were ranging from Rs 700 for the base plan and goes up to Rs 10,000 per month depending on the type of bundle chosen by the customer.

The Jio Fiber Service will be launched by Reliance Jio as a triple play model where Data, Voice, and TV will be offered to users. The package bundles will arrive with free landline connections for unlimited voice calls. The data offer will be differentiated based on speed and FUP limits. The third offering in the triple play program is the Tv connection which is tipped to put forth a competitive edge over the existing DTH operators.

Earlier, Reliance Jio was planning to launch its Tv services as IPTv which will essentially leverage its own fiber internet services through the Jio Tv app which has been installed in Jio’s Android-based set-top box.

However, Reliance Jio faced severe backlash from local cable operators (LCOs) considering they would lose their business and livelihood because people will disconnect cable connections and move on to Jio’s IPTv service. Also, LCOs could indulge in fiber cutting which would damage Jio’s infrastructure. As a solution, Reliance Jio purchased majority stakes in GTPL, Hathway, and Den – all of which are Multi-System Operators (MSOs). With this move, Reliance Jio could utilise the infrastructure of the LCOs which are affiliated to the MCOs thus providing them with ready connectivity and also safeguards the infrastructure of Jio with the additional quick rollout of services.

During the AGM, Ambani had only mentioned about the set-top box about how it will be a hybrid model and live Tv will be made available through its MSO partners’ cable connection whereas catch up Tv and a number of on-demand content from OTT platforms will be made available via its fibernet connection. The Jio Smart Hybrid Set Top Box was revealed in a report by DreamDTH which shows the hybrid STB and the Jio branding on the top side. The rear panel has a power socket, an entry port for the coaxial cable for MSOs, HDMI port, Ethernet RJ45 port, USB-2 port, and one USB-3 port. The view of the interface is not yet available but reports have mentioned that the STB may run on the Android OS as well.

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