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Pharm D degree holders to be called Doctors! PCI says they can use ‘Dr’ prefix

Big moral boost for Pharm D degree holders! Now they can use the prefix ‘Dr.’ before their names. In India, we are accustomed to seeing the ‘Dr.’ prefix only before the names of MBBS general practitioners or those who have been awarded Ph.D by a recognised University. It is also seen that Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani practitioners are also using the term ‘Dr’ as a prefix with their name.

According to a Times of India report, the Pharmacy Council of India has now taken a decisive step that all candidates graduating from recognised universities with the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree are authorised to go ahead and use the ‘Dr.’ prefix along with their names. In this context, it may be pertinent to note that the council had decided in 2012 that Pharm D candidates can use the prefix ‘Dr’ before their names.

Simply put, the key takeaway is that the PCI has decided that they can prefix ‘Dr’ before their names. According to the TOI report, all Universities and examining authorities have been requested to use this prefix while awarding degree certificates to Pharm D holders.

Following this confirmation from the Pharmacy Council of India, it is clear that Pharm D degree holders can use the prefix ‘Dr’ with their name.

In India, the pharmacy education and profession right up to the graduate level has been regulated by the PCI, which is the statutory body as per the provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

Some of the key functions and duties of the PCI include the following:

1. Prescribing minimum standard of education required for qualifying as pharmacist.

2. Framing regulations that prescribe conditions to be fulfilled by institutions seeking PCI’s approval for imparting pharmacy education.

3. Ensuring uniform implementation of pharmacy educational standards across the country.

4. Inspecting pharmacy institutions that seek approval under Pharmacy Act to verify availability of prescribed norms.

5. Approving the course of study and examinations for pharmacists.

6. Withdrawing approval if the course of study or the examination is not in conformity with the established pharmacy educational standards.

7. Approving the qualifications granted outside the territories to which Pharmacy Act extends, such as in the case of approval of foreign qualifications.

8. Maintaining the Central Register of Pharmacists.

With PCI’s recent decision, D Pharm degree holders can rejoice as they now join ranks with medical practitioners and qualified Ph.D academicians.

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