Delhi power tariffs slashed across all consumer categories

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has reduced

electricity tariffs for consumers across all categories in the state by up to 32%. Among the states that revised power prices for 2018-19 in the last three months Delhi is the first to slash electricity tariffs.

In its tariff order applicable for the year 2018-19, the commission has reduced electricity prices for domestic power consumption of up to 200 units per month by Re 1 per unit to Rs 3 per unit. Domestic power consumers consuming 200 units – 400 units of electricity per month will pay Rs 1.45 per unit lesser at Rs 4.50 per unit. However, fixed charges have been substantially raised across all categories.

Electricity consumption between 401- 800 units per month will be charged at Rs 6.5 per unit against previous tariff of Rs 7.30 per unit. Tariffs for non-domestic, industry and other category consumers have also been reduced.

With the revised tariffs, the three Delhi distribution companies – BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd, BSES YamunaPower Ltd and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd- are expected to earn revenue of Rs 9161 crore, R 5013 crore and Rs 6803 crore respectively in the next financial year.

The state has kept power tariffs unchanged in the last three years.

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